Kowloon, China Reciprocal Club – Pacific Club

Kowloon Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2118-1828
Fax: (852) 2118-0208
Overnight Accommodations: No
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2 Responses to Kowloon, China Reciprocal Club – Pacific Club

  1. Ed McFarland says:

    A beautiful facility – our dinners were some of the finest in the City and were extremely reasonable for Hong Kong. We were welcomed warmly by all the staff. The location was perfect; the views of the harbor spectacular. A wonderful addition to our vist to Hong Kong.

  2. Roger Barnett says:

    We were in Hong Kong in early March and went to the Pacific club for dinner with several others with whom we were traveling. We were warmly welcomed and had a deliciious dinner at a very reasonable price. Exercise facilities are also available. We will definitely return when we are next in Hong Kong.

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