London, United Kingdom Reciprocal Club – Union Jack Club

Sandell Street, Waterloo
London   SE1 8UJ

Tel: (44) 207-928-4814
Fax: (44) 207-620-0565
Overnight Accommodations: Yes

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2 Responses to London, United Kingdom Reciprocal Club – Union Jack Club

  1. Austin Haller says:

    Very good club overall. The price is GREAT for London. The service is outstanding. The food is very good and the Pub is friendly. The club is across the street from the Waterloo train/tube station, one of the main stations in London, this provides easy access to all transportation. Trains, underground, surface trams, bus lines, cabs and mini cabs are all there.

    The rooms are a bit on the small size, we had double (en suite bathroom), but as we were gone all day all we did was come in to sleep then out again in the morning. The beds need help, old wire spring type.

    Our stay was for six days and we did enjoy it and would (will) use the Union Jack Club again.

    Overall I would rate the club to be very good to excellent all factors taken into consideration.

  2. Lowa Anderson says:

    We stayed at the Union Jack Hotel in early October 2013. The best thing about the hotel was the location. Close to so many wonderful places. The stay at the hotel was not very good. We travel a lot and have stayed at many small European hotels that are very old. The room that we were given needed a face lift. They do not have air condition and no way to regulate the temperature in the room. We had wonderful weather and I realized that we would need a fan during the night. They only have a few fans but we were told if we went to the luggage room we could leave a deposit and then they would be happy to let us use their fan. When I asked about the deposit they told me that they have many drunk military that stay there so they have to make sure we give the fan back. We had a door alarm right below our window that would go off at least once and hour or more all night long. When I complained they treated us as if we were just imagining it. Very condescending. The front desk was not helpful with directions or any other tourist information as they made it clear that really wasn’t their job. In other words “look it up yourself on the computer”. I talked to manager as we left and she was an outstanding manager trying to help us understand the difficulty of having all of these military people that stay there. I told her she should come and see the Marine Memorial to see how wonderful it was run. I told her maybe she could get a free trip to San Francisco. We had a good laugh as we left. I would never stay there again. Our rate was not that good either..

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