Paris, France Reciprocal Club – Cercle National Des Armees

8 place Saint-Augustin

Tel: (33) 1-4490-2700
Fax: (33) 1-4522-1775
Overnight Accommodations: Yes

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24 Responses to Paris, France Reciprocal Club – Cercle National Des Armees

  1. Ronald F. Rosner says:

    Over the past 12 months we have had the pleasure of staying at the Cercle National des Armées (CNA) on four occasions, both as a couple and my wife separately with other members of our family. We have found the CNA to be the outstanding star of the Marine’s Memorial Associations list of reciprocal clubs. The combination of location in the heart of central Paris (it is an easy walk from the Opera Airport Bus stop), availability of both subway and bus connections, comfortable accommodation and above all- value, should make the CNA the first choice of anyone visiting Paris. In addition the CNA has three restaurants: the informal Bistro, the middle level La Petite Carte and the formal haut cuisine L’Elite. La Petite Carte is especially recommended for its extremely reasonable prices for true French cooking without frills. La Petite Carte has another attraction for Americans as the dining room is called the Salon Yorktown, commemorating our joint victory over the British in the American Revolution.

  2. Craig V. Shuey says:

    Bottom line up front: We enjoyed our stay and would return to this hotel. This is our fourth recipriprocal hotel that we have stayed in.

    The Cercle National des Armees (CNA) is well located in the hustle and bustle of Paris. Metro stops, brasseries, cafe’s, restaurants, major shopping, convenience shopping and even a Starbucks is nearby. The public areas of the hotel are, arguably, elegant. The staff is helpful and speaks more English than I do French. Reservations are easily obtained via email and the cost is reasonable. You do not need a letter of introduction, your Marine’s Memorial Card and Military ID/Passport are sufficient.

    The restaurants are nice, but miss the charm of restaurants outside of the hotel – if you are going to France don’t waste your time on the hotel restaurants. The rooms are typically European – small, clean and utilitarian. Our room had a bathtub and hand held shower head without enclosure – water got everywhere! If you want a room to lounge in, go to a Mariott. These room are for sleeping only – they are okay and fine while touring and eating your way through Paris – moreover, they are safe – hotel staff is stationed at the front entrance to insure security.

  3. Bob Schmitt says:

    In late September, my wife and I stayed at the other Cercle National des Armees hotel, the Sainte Genevieve in the Latin Quarter/Left Bank. The location, staff and room (with kitchenette) were terrific. We had views from two sides, to a garden and the cafe square and to the accurate clock on the Sainte-Genevieve church. And the price was also great!

    It was an easy walk to the RER and Metro train stations, Notre Dame, the Pantheon and Luxembourg Garden – also to many cafes and shops. Early in our stay, a medical emergency sent us to the American Hospital, fairly distant, but the staff was very helpful with this also.

    This hotel contributed greatly to a fine vacation and, in the best of all possible worlds. I’d be there right now again!

  4. James M. Williams says:

    The only thing good about this place is the price. Two of the three resturants in the first note serve the exact same bland menu only the third more expensive one differs. My wife and I spent 4 days here in early October. We came down to breakfast the first day and were told that walking shoes were not permitted so back to the room to change and change again to go out. I had the American breakfast and wife had the mini. Although I’m diabetic and can not drink orange juice, I could not give mine to my wife because there is no sharing of different breakfasts. Returned at 6pm after touring, entered the bar (no one else present) and was promptly told to leave because of the walking shoes. These shoes requirements are not written in the materials on the desk in the room. Did not eat or drink here again! Thank God for Resturant LeCarre next door; it didn’t mind our shoes.

  5. Sherrod Bumgardner says:

    Stayed at the Cercle National des Armees (CNA) in April, 2011 to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Our sense of this grande establishment was one of slightly faded glory. Its a big hotel and located wonderfully for sightseeing. But price-wise there are many Parisian hotels available at the same or less cost, starting with the Sainte Genevieve mentioned above. And the waiters at the CNA are sticklers about what you wear. My wonderful wife wore a very tasteful New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival T-shirt to breakfast and although they did not make us return to our room for her to change, we warned not to return the next day in casual attire. Will we return? Perhaps, but after looking at other options.

  6. Dr. James H. Craft says:

    In September of 2012 my wife and I and our oldest daughter Elena and her husband spent three weeks in France and England. The Cercle National des Armees was wonderful in every respect. The location is great and the staff are outstanding.

  7. CDR Richard Walker USN (ret.) says:

    The Cercle National des Armees has an annex called the Sainte-Genevieve hotel. You can find its location on the web site. We had a wonderful stay at the hotel, the price is really low compared to the other places that you can stay in the Latin Quarter. The rooms start at 76 Euros. We rented for 5 day the suite (133) that had a kitchen so we could have breakfast in our room and invite in friends that were staying in a smaller room. BUT you must consider this hotel to be a good BOQ not a hotel. If you want a more grand place go to the main building. The breakfast is only a bun and juice and coffee; but you can walk to blocks to 2 super bakeries. There are no common rooms or a bar. 2 Blocks to the left of the hotel as you enter it is a group of about 12 small restaurants we liked the Le Volcan that has mussels and fries for 10 euros.
    It also near 4 bus lines and a metro stop. They do not enforce the dress code.

  8. Bill Zell says:

    In early October (2013) we spent a weekend in Paris and stayed at the Cercle National des Armées on Place Saint Augustin. I must say I am flabbergasted to see negative comments about the hotel as we had a absolutely delightful time during our stay. Our room was in tip-top condition with very modern amenities (can’t say enough about an BBC World News in English) and a wonderful view of a garden. We found the restaurants to be well worth the cost and the staff very attentive and helpful, Almost every staff member we encountered spoke some English — enough so that my bad French and their English got us what we were looking for. Others have commented favorably on the location so I will not duplicate those comments here. I would definitely recommend the hotel to other members!

  9. Hiram Patterson says:

    My wife and I spent a week at the St. Augustin hotel for our 10th anniversary in 2011. Everything was outstanding and close to the subway in great location for touring We only ate breakfast twice and the selection was great. The staff was superb and though the room was small it was perfect for us. We definitely will go back again. Speaking a little French goes a long way.

  10. The club is undergoing a major renovation. Only 32 rooms are available at Hotel St-Augustin. Hotel Ste-Genevieve and the Lacordaire are not affected. The hotel is often quite full. Right now, there are two locations for breakfast: the Bar which has either a European-type buffet or an express breakfast with pastry and coffee or your room. Room service breakfast has two menus available: 1. the usual French breakfast of a croissant, a pain au chocolat (what americans call a chocolate croissant), and a French roll, a glass of juice, and maybe something more and 2. a more healthy alternative with whole wheat bread and butter (no jam), cornflakes, coffee, and juice. If you wear sport shoes or torn blue jeans, you may be asked to leave the bar. Inexpensive lunches and dinners are available in La Petite Carte, fancy dinners in La Grande Carte, and small meals in La Popote. Let’s hope that newer furniture is brought in and shower-baths are provided with shower curtains. This is a wonderful place. With a guard at the door in this “good neighborhood” you can be confident of your safety. If you try to get a hotel room elsewhere in Paris, it will probably cost you twice as much for this much space and privacy. Sometimes during work hours they make a lot of noise, but really it wasn’t that bad. One of their mottos is “a prestige location in the heart of Paris.” It still lives up to that promise. Try it!

  11. Stephen Markley says:

    Spent five nights there in early May. Concur with the above comments about the renovations. We had a room on the fifth floor and we never knew what to expect when we opened our door. The hotel staff were courteous and helpful, and the room a great value. Our first night there we had dinner in the “formal” dining room and it left a bit to be desired. That was our only experience with food in the hotel. Each morning we would grab a pastry at a nearby patisserie and get coffee at the Starbucks across from the hotel. We walked everywhere from the hotel…never used public transportation. One important note: Before you go to any EU country, make sure you have a credit card with an embedded micro-chip. If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to use any unattended facility anywhere. This includes freeway tolls, train tickets, most rural gas stations, etc. I tried to get USAA to get me a card while I was there and they were no help at all.

  12. LT Hank Miller, USN says:

    We stayed at the Sainte Genevieve in the Latin Quarter in their only suite with full kitchen.
    PROS: great location and price.
    CONS: dated, old interior, paint peeling, carpets stained, only one staff at desk so waits can be long to check in or out, The Breakfast is a disgrace at 7.10 E!!! the WORST example we’ve encountered in several countries at all hotel price points. Front Desk staff for the most part had typical French attitude and that translates into arrogant!

  13. marineclubadmin says:

    Conway B. Jones, Jr. says:

    May 26, 2014 at 2:03 pm (Edit)

    May 26, 2014

    My wife, Leslie, and I visited the Cercle National Des Armees in Paris, France on May 20, 2014. We were warmly welcomed by Capitaine de frigate Patrice Le Borgne, Directeur. Our lunch in La Petite Carte provided a grand view from the second floor of Saint-Augustin Square.

    The Cercle National Des Armees is located in the heart of Paris. The club reflects the cosmopolitan elegance and the French charm which characterizes Paris.

    The club has 89 hotel rooms, including suites and deluxe rooms. 53 are currently under renovation. The club has maintained a marriage of old and modern style, ranging from Art Deco to classical to modern.

    The club celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

    The club is a ‘must visit’. Not only is it located in the heart of Paris, it is the heart of Paris.

    Conway B. Jones, Jr.
    Marines’ Memorial Club
    San Francisco, California

  14. Lt Hank Miller USN says:

    We stayed at their sister hotel Sainte Genevieve recently and wanted to see their main club. When we entered the young hostess, who barely spoke English (very surprising since their populace starts studying English in grade three) called for a man to assist us. All we wanted to do was have lunch in the bar. He abruptly said no sports shoes allowed. I was wearing my hiking boots that were clean. I commented that we were staying at their sister hotel and were members of th MMC. He said rules were rules. We decided on the spot we would Never stay their in the future due to their inability to accommodate guests. This is fairly typical of the attitude of the French towards Americans.

  15. Lt Hank Miller USN says:

    Regarding our recent stay at the Sainte Genevieve hotel we share our experience for fellow MMC members. It’s in the Latin Quarter which is an excellent location. Only one staff is at the front desk so check in and out can be tedious. Most rooms are dated, dirty carpets, torn wallpaper and peeling paint. Some rooms have been renovated. No air conditioning so beware during summer months. Their only suite consists of three large rooms with a separate kitchen including a large fridge that doesn’t work and wasn’t being repaired during our week long stay. The breakfast which is not included was perhaps the poorest example of a continental breakfast we’ve experienced in three countries and the fee is 7.10 E !!! Needless to say we discovered good spots near the Pantheon for full breakfasts costing 9 E. This is a hotel that sorely needs work! It’s low end for Paris but economical. We would never stay there again until it’s completely renovated and the breakfast improved 100%

  16. Robert M Keller says:

    When at CNA St. Augustin last month, I snuck a peek at one of the suites undergoing renovation. From every appearance, the renovated rooms will be very nice (still small, but nice). My wife and I also experienced Le Bar and found it delightful. We struck-up an interesting conversation with an officer in the French Navy Reserve. He mentioned that CNA has recently (past year or so) outsourced hotel & restaurant operations with very good results. In addition, we had a delicious, yet reasonably priced meal at Le Petit Carte. We will definitely visit CNA again the next time we are in Paris. Thanks, MMC, for maintaining reciprocity with CNA, as well as other fine clubs around the world!

  17. Candace Eckert says:

    My husband and I spent two nights here in June, 2014. A beautiful and historic building in a good location – close to metro stops and the Saint Lazare train station. Unfortunately, the staff was not very friendly at all, and even though we had reservations and had sent the letter of introduction in advance, they didn’t seem to know anything about us. After a while they were able to find our documentation and checked us in, but it was not a very pleasant transaction. The hotel was undergoing renovations while we were there, and that contributed to the overall feeling of disorganization.

    The room size was fine, but the amenities were disappointing- uncomfortable bed, bathroom amenities more suited for Motel 6 than this type of hotel, and not even a pen & notepad in the room!

    We would stay here again to – hopefully- have a better experience. Again – the location and the building are terrific. Hopefully the renovations will make an overall improvement!

    • Hank Miller says:

      Agree about their French style attitude which turned us off completely. We will never visit or stay at one of their hotels again. A completely different and pleasant attitude in Barcelona!

  18. Bill Heard says:

    The Cercle National des Armées (CAN) hotel at 8 Place Saint-Augustin in Paris (, email: [email protected]) is centrally located in the First Arrondissement, about 2 ½ blocks from Gare St. Lazare. About 5 or 6 blocks down Blvd. Haussmann is the famous Galleries Lafayette department store. A Monoprix food store is across the plaza, and there are good restaurants and brasseries on the plaza, as well as bakeries and chocolate shops on streets opening off the plaza. Around the corner from the Monoprix, on Rue d’Astor, is an HSBC bank with an outside ATM.

    This was our second stay at CNA’s Place Saint-Augustin location, and both times, the desk gave us a fifth-floor room with a view of the Eiffel Tower. However, hotel management is in the process of renovating the rooms, and this has caused problems for guests. Many of the rooms had been finished during our five-night stay, 8-12 Sept 2014, but the hallways were still under reconstruction. As a result of the renovation, there was an unpleasant odor in the bathroom of the first room we were assigned on the fifth floor. After two nights, we asked management to move us to another room. We were given a renovated room on the third floor, which did not have an odor. The renovation, which includes air conditioning and upgraded bathrooms, should be complete by year’s end. The staff was very willing to meet our request for a room change.

    A double room rents for €130 per night for reciprocating club members, and there are suites and deluxe rooms at higher prices. CNA offers a breakfast package for €11.30 per person for a French-style breakfast served in your room. The breakfast buffet is €12.90 each or, for €6.10 each, you also can have a “coffee express” breakfast. Breakfast offerings included cheeses, meats, scrambled eggs and sausages, breads, cold cereals, fruit, and great hot chocolate. CNA has two upscale restaurants – L’Elite and La Petite Carte – a brasserie downstairs, and Le Bar, where breakfast also is served.

    CNA seems to have relaxed its dress code somewhat, and you see guests wearing jeans in the lobby and bar. The dress code for the main dining rooms is more strict.

    CNA operates two other hotels in Paris – Hotel Sainte-Geneviève in the Latin Quarter, and Hotel Lacordaire, located south of the Eiffel Tower. We have stayed at Hotel Sainte-Geneviève; it is not well-marked and is hard for taxi drivers to find, but it’s located near the Sorbonne. It offers more basic lodging, but the breakfast was about the same as at the Place Saint-Augustin location. There are lots of things to see within easy walking distance in the Latin Quarter.

    Overall, Cercle National des Armées is a great place to stay, and we look forward to staying there again when we go back to Paris.

  19. Erik Wagner says:

    Club sleeping rooms in general are usually spartan and utilitarian. The member rooms are lounging and reading, so do not expect a Hilton. As for dress code, collared shirts are de riguer,
    writing on the shirts is verboten, as is any denim sneakers, sometimes open-toed shoes, caps, shorts, and slovenly appearance. Sometimes ties and jackets are required in certain areas or in the lobby after 1700hrs. There is usually another entrance if not dressed according to the code to access your room. Always inquire of the dress code and tipping custom, as some clubs prohibit tipping.

  20. Hank Miller says:

    While we were staying at their sister hotel in the Latin Quarter during the D Day 70th Anniversary my girlfriend and i wanted to visit this hotel and see the Sport lounge since we were casually attired. When we entered the un-charming hostess lady was very insolent when we asked for a tour being members of their reciprocal club in San Francisco, The Marines Memorial Club. Eventually a young man came into the lobby to greet us and when we approached him with the same question of touring and visiting the sports lounge he said, “You are wearing sports shoes and you’re not allowed inside the club.” Shocked, we told him where we were staying and about our membership and we were there to celebrate D Day. He remained un phased. When I asked if we could remove our shoes then enter he said NO. When I asked if the had loaner shoes for guests he said No. I then said, “Its apparent you don’t want us here, correct?” He stood there with a smile, then left.

    We will NEVER stay at this hotel. Even their sister hotel in the Latin Quarter is low budget and dated albeit a great location. Look for better accommodations without the French attitude!

  21. Jim Williams says:

    Just finishing a three night stay and can’t say enough nice things about this hotel. Very well appointed rooms and lobby. Friendly, helpful staff. Excellent breakfast for Euro 13. Total per night with breakfast about E160. Good location in NW Paris in the 8th arrondissement. E60 fixed taxi fare to CDG.

  22. Colonel (ret) Craig Shuey says:

    We returned in June for a second stay. Hotel has been upgraded and nicer than ever. Venue is very convient to Metro, bistros, shopping and restaurants. They have a restaurant in the hotel and they enforce the dress code – so don’t wear sport shoes – even nice ones. Don’t know why you would stay anywhere else.

  23. Colonel Don Treichler, USMC(Ret.) says:

    My wife and I spent 8 delightful days in November of 2015 at the Circle National des Armees Sainte Genevieve in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It is located south of the Seine River not far from the Notre Dame Cathedral. The building itself is rather obscure with large wooden locked double doors at the entrance with only a number on the wall. You speak into a microphone to enter and thereafter punch in a code. As previously described, this particular hotel is somewhat threadbare, but nonetheless quite comfortable. It principally is used for French officers and their families attending nearby schools. The staff was pleasant and helpful, although intent was sometimes lost in the translation. Breakfast is not included and you can do better at nearby bakeries. The location is superb and the price is quite cheap for Paris (around $165 daily). There were numerous nearby restaurants. Everyone was most courteous, as is typical of the French people, and they went out of their way to be accommodating. We stayed in the suite which consisted of a bedroom with bath, a living room with a half-bath off it, and a kitchen with refrigerator, utensils, and stove. For something fancier, you may wish to try their main hotel on St. Augustine Square. All in all, my wife and I thought it delightful.

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