Brussels, Belgium Reciprocal Club – International Club-Sainte-Anne

Rue du Vieux Moulin, 103
B 1160

Tel: 32 (0) 2 660 29 00
Fax: 32 (0) 2 675 54 44
Overnight Accommodations: No

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One Response to Brussels, Belgium Reciprocal Club – International Club-Sainte-Anne

  1. Conway B. Jones, Jr. says:

    May 26, 2014

    My wife, Leslie, and I visited the International Club Château Sainte-Anne in Brussels, Belgium on May 14, 2014. We received a most gracious and warm welcome from Ms. Anne Buisseret, Director General. We had a sumptuous lunch following aperitifs in the main bar.

    The International Club Château Sainte-Anne is located on the former Val Duchese estate that dates back to 1262. It has been rebuilt and restored several times, but the property maintains its stately magnificence and elegance.

    The club has a historical significance. The idea for the club was born following the signature of the Treaty of Rome, which was negotiated at Val Duchese. To this day, the club counts among its members a large number of diplomatic missions and a multitude of representatives of foreign private organizations.

    The club is well-worth a visit. It is a most convivial environment within the Maison Européenne where “the elite meet’.

    Conway B. Jones, Jr.
    Marines’ Memorial Club
    San Francisco, California

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