London, United Kingdom Reciprocal Club – Sloane Club

52 Lower Sloane
London   SW1W 8BS

Tel: 44-(20) 7730-9131
Fax: 44-(20) 7730-6145
Overnight Accommodations: Yes

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2 Responses to London, United Kingdom Reciprocal Club – Sloane Club

  1. DL Modisette says:

    While I was stationed in the UK, I used this club for setting up a women’s association series of meetings abut 3 times a year. In addition, I used it for holiday trips to London and it is wonderful. The place is full of chintz so has a more feminine feel to it than what many military men might expect. The big exception to that is the wonderful wood paneled bar. They were very accommodating for the meetings and food and planning that needed to go happen. Pricing for meetings was excellent. Service for the hotel side of things was good but not excellent. It is a nice place to base yourself near Sloane Square.

  2. We initially considered the Sloane Club because we wanted a nice location, and we knew the Chelsea area fit that description. After checking their website, we chose the Sloane Apartments because we were going to be in town for nine nights, and that seemed a bit long for a hotel stay. We were there in mid-July 2014.

    The Apartments are one block away from the Sloane Club. Both are in an area that reminded me of Georgetown, with well-maintained older buildings on leafy streets. It combines modern buildings with historical houses. On our first walk around, we saw signs that said “Bram Stoker lived here” and “Oscar Wilde lived here.” The Tube station is less than one block away, at Sloane Square. From there you can walk in most any direction and find nice pubs, commercial activity, and well-maintained parks. We were taken aback at the number of high-end cars in the area, best illustrated when we saw a Ferrari racing a Maserati on city streets. I kid you not.

    We appreciated being allowed to check-in an hour earlier than planned. The desk clerk then escorted us to our apartment, a short and pleasant block away.

    The Apartments are newly renovated rooms in older buildings, as shown on the web site. The quality of furnishings and appliances was high; most everything appeared to be quite new. From what little we saw of the Club itself, it was old in comparison.

    We guessed there were three or four other apartments in our building, but seldom saw the other guests. However, the building showed its age when we could clearly hear a child bouncing around in the room above us late at night. After two nights of this, a call to the front desk put a stop to that.

    We had a studio apartment that featured an “open plan bedroom/sitting area that leads to a split-level designer kitchen and bathroom arrangement.” For the most part, that was manageable for the two of us. The main room and bathroom were big enough, but the kitchen was tiny — maybe 30 square feet. That meant there was no room for a table, so after preparing a meal, we had to take it down a short flight of narrow stairs to a small table in the bedroom. This may be common in Europe, but for a first-time visitor to London, it was a bit of an adjustment.

    The front desk was quick to respond to other questions, similar to the service we’ve received at other reciprocal clubs. For example, when we had difficulty operating the combination washer/dryer, they sent someone right away to help us sort it out. That said, it would have helped to have printed instructions for that machine, in addition to the sketchy material provided on the room TV.

    We were pleased with the front desk’s quick response to most of our inquiries. But we were disappointed to discover that some of their policies differed from what we are accustomed to at the Marine Memorial Club. For example, there were fees for weekend housecleaning, late checkout/luggage storage, and the Club breakfast. After checking the fine print, it was apparent that had been stated up front, but that didn’t diminish our disappointment. Charging for the breakfast only made us go elsewhere, leading us to feel disconnected from the Club, which was odd, given our experience with the MMC.

    One final quibble. Before making a local phone call, I called the desk to ask if there would be any charges, and the response was “no.” I made three calls over the next few days. At checkout, I learned I had been charged for those calls. I spoke to the manager, who explained there is a charge for outgoing calls but not for incoming calls. I asked for an adjustment, but she very politely declined. There wasn’t much money involved – about $5 – but since I was paying about $530/night for nine nights, I thought they could have relented when it was clear to me the error was theirs.

    We would stay at the Sloane Apartments again, primarily for its terrific location and the wonderful ambience of the neighborhood. But we won’t expect to be part of their Club, as we do when staying at the MMC.

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